Do you want to learn how to use your knitting machine?  There are classes available all over the San Francisco Bay Area that are taught by one of the best knitting machine teachers and designers, Paola Trombetta.   Because of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the classes may be suspended for the next few terms.  Please check with San Leandro Adult School, Palo Alto Adult School and the San Mateo Adult School to find out when, and if, courses will again be available.  


Many of the knitting machines that we use are aging, but like vintage Chevrolets in Cuba, the machines will last a very long time if they are properly serviced.  For questions about repairs and service contact Needle-Tek in Washington state.  Their website is:

If you need machine repair in Southern California, contact Make Lively Knitting Machine Repair.  This company can service Brother, Silver Reed and Toyota Machines.  Call or Text them at:  858.357.5666; or you may book an appointment at: