May 11, 2019 – Helen Sharp

Helen is the owner of The Knitting School in Seattle, WA. She has been working with knitting machines as a designer and educator for nearly 40 years.

She will present two subjects for our continuing journey as machine knitters, both of which are related to garment finishing details.

Morning Session – 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

The morning will be all about buttonholes – small and large, vertical and horizontal, on a single bed and on ribbed fabrics.

Afternoon Session – 1:00 to 3:00 pm

The afternoon session will be spent exploring pockets – rehung patch pockets, pocket bags, integral pockets, pocket flaps, vertical pockets. We will keep going until we run out of time!

April 13, 2019 – Linda Jensen

Morning session

Braided Cables – Short rowed loops are knit first and then braided together forming an interesting garment detail.  At first glance, the garment piece looks huge and amorphous, but braiding the loops adds to the overall ease, structure and design.  This class will go through all the steps to make braided cables and how they can be used on garments and accessories.

Stranded Weaving – Take your knitting to a new level.  Here we will knit the garment and then weave the “strands” later to bring the garment into shape.  You can turn your beginner sample into a fun T-Shirt detail.  This feature turns your so-so knitting into WOW knitting that will even please your teenager.

Surface Weaving – Are you just going to knit yet another pullover?  Stop!  Use the technique of surface weaving to make it POP!! This is not only fun, it is impossible to do by hand knitting.  Make your hand knitting friends jealous and see what surface weaving can do for your next project.

Afternoon session

Freestyle Knitting – Learn to knit separate motifs and connect them all together for a show-stopping garment.  Although these garments look crocheted, they are actually knitted using methods demonstrated in this class.  One is the Rick-Rack trim which is demonstrated as an unusual knit trim which is nice to use as a connector between motifs.  I will actually demonstrate how to do three unusual trims: Rick-Rack that looks like broomstick lace, an elongated stitch that looks like a dropped stitch and fun twisty fringe.  You probably haven’t seen these before, but I will show you how to use them in your knitting.

The Single Layer Plaid Technique, Part 1 – Not Fairisle, not jacquard, not intarsia, no ribber required.  How do you knit a one-layer plaid on the machine?  I will show you how.  In this first part, we will cover machine set-up, preparation and knitting of a rectangle.

Short Rows on Steroids, Part 1 – I will help you through the maze of several styles of knitting short rows (at least 5 methods  and more if I have time).  There are so many uses for this technique: curving hems, ear flaps, shaping shoulders, making facings, knitting circles, corners, triangles, ruffles, “eye candy”, toes and heels for socks and slippers, and more!

Short Rows on Steroids, Part 2 – Here I will demonstrate the Wave Stitch.  So light and airy, this stitch creates holes which keep their shape.  I have used them as a design feature in many of my published patterns.  This can be used for lacy hems, hats, scarves, shawls, market bags, yokes for sweaters and airy bottoms of jackets.  Once you learn the technique, you have many ways to show it off.

February 8 and 9, 2019 – Susan Guagliumi – Member Only Special 2-Day Seminar

February 8 and 9 will be very special as we welcome Susan Guagliumi to our guild. This is a 2-day seminar for members only. You are most welcome to join the guild and attend either or both days, as your schedule allows.

Susan will begin her presentation on the 8th with a review of Bridging, which provides the foundation of the Open Spaces techniques that will take up the rest of the day. These Open Spaces include eyelets in various configurations, cabled ladders, ladder triangles and knotted cables.

On Saturday, the 9th, Susan will continue with more Open Spaces techniques as well as showing how to knit entrelac on the machine.

As with any presentation, the interests and questions from the participants guide the exact progression through the day, and Susan has a wonderful depth of knowledge and experience to draw on.

Susan has sent a great handout that shows the many topics to be covered.

It will be an amazing 2 days of learning more of what your machine is able to do.

The fee to attend is $65 each day. To become a member, the annual membership dues are $35.

For questions, please contact Reba at

January 12, 2019 – Sarah Etchison

Sarah will be demonstrating and discussing Lace variations on the flat bed and the ribber.

Flat bed techniques will include the following:

Simple Lace
Full Fashion Lace
Tuck Lace
Thread Lace

Double bed techniques will include the following:

Drop stitch lace
Punch tuck lace
Summer Fair Isle

She will cover short rowing, increasing, and decreasing for each of these techniques.

Most of the techniques will be demonstrated in the afternoon session.

The morning session will include a review of samples for each technique and what they are.  She is planning to use thread lace as the morning demonstration.

December 8, 2018 – Bi-annual sale and Holiday Potluck

December will be our bi-annual sale and potluck.  Please empty your stashes and come prepared to sell and buy.  One person’s trash is another’s treasure as they say.
We will also have a potluck which is a wonderful time to just get to talk and catch up with other members.
In January, Sarah Etchison will be joining us again.  Her topic is Machine Knit Lace, both Flat Bed and Double Bed Techniques.

November 10, 2018 – Paola Trombetta

Wonderful local teacher, Paola Trombetta, will join us in November and share her famous “One Hour Sweater” and “Sideway Skirts”.

Morning Session


Since I was living in Italy the “one hour sweater” has always been a good line to sell knitting machines and to motivate my students.

It is true. One of my students even did it in 45 minutes.

Of course we are talking about knitting time, knitting a piece that is NOT fitted……but it is all about the yarn you will choose which will give you anything from a casual to a dressy look!

Afternoon Session


The presentation is actually about getting familiar with (and not scared of!) short-rowing.

Sideways skirts are great examples for demonstrating and practicing seamless shaping techniques. During the program we’ll cover pleats, flares, folds, ruffles analyzing step-by-step how and why the knitted fabric gets shaped with no seams, utilizing short rowing increases and short rowing decreases.

October 13, 2018 – Members Helping Members – Guests Welcome!

This month’s meeting will be a time to bring your machines (if you wish) and any questions you might have about your machine knitting projects.

There is so much skill and talent among us that you will find one or many who have answers and suggestions to improve your knitting.

Bring your projects to Show and Tell!

September 8, 2018 – Richard Smith

Our September speaker is the amazing Richard Smith. He does not teach very often anymore, so we are indeed privileged to have him spend the day with us.

Morning Session

Basic Knitting Machine Operation and Functions

Richard will cover basic machine operation: the function of “B” needles, “C” needles and “D”/”E” needles. This includes stitches commonly available such as slip, tuck and two color Fair Isle, knit-weave and knitted lace. Though it says “basic”, this will be a wonderful introduction to our newest knitters and a great refresher course for the rest of us!

Afternoon Session

An In-depth Ribber Tutorial

Richard will show us  how to set up the ribber and will go on to show many of the possibilities that are opened up to us if we include using a ribber on our machines.